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The Wild Rabbit is part of Daylesford Organic farm, one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. The principles that have guided Daylesford farm for over 40 years are also at the heart of everything that we do at The Wild Rabbit. We are passionate about using the finest seasonal ingredients in our kitchens and we take pride in providing our guests with a memorable experience in a warm and welcoming place that feels like home.

Joining our team is an opportunity to experience the many roles within the hospitality business, gaining invaluable knowledge of food, drinks and service. We hire personality and a great attitude, regardless of whether we are recruiting ‘waiters’, ‘housekeepers’ or ‘chefs’, our organic approach to building our team means that you will find your calling in good time. Scroll down to meet our team and learn about their journey so far.

Our team

5 Minutes with our General Manager


What drew you to The Wild Rabbit?

As soon as I knew of the opportunity, the reputation of The Wild Rabbit and the ethos of Daylesford made this a dream opportunity. Once I met the team, I couldn’t wait to get started. The marriage of quality produce, sustainably and ethically sourced, is rare.

What makes The Wild Rabbit so unique? 

Without doubt, the link to a renowned organic farm like Daylesford is an incredible string to our bow. We also have wonderful partners including Léoube wines and olive oil, Bamford toiletries and Wootton’s wonderful livestock – it’s an incredible story of homegrown partnerships.

In a difficult marketplace, every decision we make is centred on providing quality and luxury, yet making it feel effortlessly relaxed. 

What has been your biggest learning at The Wild Rabbit so far?

Learning more about the seasonal cycle at the farm, and the awareness of the sustainable ethos has been a real eye-opener. To have ambassadors in the industry like Richard Smith and Tim Field is a real pleasure. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds.

Name one thing about The Wild Rabbit that would take someone by surprise

Sometimes the small day to day elements are taken as a given, such as breakfast – ours is fantastic! We feature our own breads, butter and eggs from the farm. It’s worth a visit for this alone.

What is your advice for someone who is looking for their first job in hospitality?

Always face the guest, scan a room at eye level, and never let anyone approach you – go to them!

What is your top memory at The Wild Rabbit?

The summer season was fantastic – having the “Bottoms Up” bar and grill in full swing, Jerry and the team ensuring the Léoube Rose was free-flowing, and looking forward to specials based around the latest wonders from the market garden was a joy. I am happiest when we are busy.

Our benefits

Open Positions

You can apply to the open positions visible on our list or you can contact us to send your CV. We are always looking for passionate people to join our team!

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