Environment at The Wild Rabbit

The Wild Rabbit is part of the Daylesford estate – one of the most sustainable organic farms in the UK.

The principles that have guided our farm for 40 years are also at the heart of everything that we do at The Wild Rabbit – from the locally sourced, organic ingredients in our kitchens, to the handmade horsehair mattresses in our bedrooms.

Considered Construction

Our restoration of The Wild Rabbit combined locally sourced natural materials with centuries old techniques, creating a long-lasting environment with minimum impact to our surroundings.

Through thoughtful design choices, and working with local craftsmen and artisans, we were able to remodel much of the building from reclaimed and recycled materials: oak boards were revealed and re appropriated; wattle and daub panelling was restored and re-rendered; original beams and joists were exposed and celebrated.

Our walls are plastered with natural lime and new surfaces have been created using reclaimed wood from trees fallen on the Daylesford estate.

During the careful renovation of our cottages in Kingham Village and at Daylesford Farm the architectural framework was exposed; oak beams and stone walls are now celebrated, reflecting an appreciation of the craftsmanship of the original building. Repurposed materials were sympathetically used alongside natural, local, and non-toxic building materials.

By double glazing the windows and insulating the roofs with 100% sheep’s wool from the Daylesford estate, we improved the thermal performance of the cottages and allowing natural ventilated.

Thoughtful Design

Our interiors are a combination of bespoke furniture, made by local artisans with sustainably sourced timber, and antique settles, tables and armchairs, which have been strengthened and lined in ecological barrier cloth and certified European milled hemp.

The names of our bedrooms and cottages have been inspired by the natural world found within a three-mile walk from us – even the elusive wild boar are rumoured to roam deep in the Oddington Ashes.

The surrounding countryside is referenced throughout each cottage, with hazel wood clothes hooks crafted from fallen branches on the Daylesford estate. From further afield, horn handles from the red deer herd on our sister estate in Wootton continue the harmonious natural palette, drawing nature indoors.

In the bedrooms, Bamford organic cotton bed linen is complemented by Volga linen – a noble fibre noted for its ecological benefits – its production is low in water consumption and does not require fertilisers or pesticides.

We work with one of the UK’s oldest mattress manufacturers, recognised for championing time-honoured natural materials and traditional methods – they are handcrafted and provide the utmost comfort for the ultimate night’s sleep.

In our bathrooms you will find the Bamford Bath & Body collection, made with naturally sourced and, wherever possible, certified organic ingredients.

Energy & Water

It is often the small details that can make the biggest impact; we supply recycling bins, ask guests to be mindful of turning off the lights and electrical appliances when not in use. To help reduce our water consumption from the Evenlode Valley we ask our guests to consume water consciously and to hang towels to dry to use again.

We use renewable energy to power The Wild Rabbit and our cottages, and our 1,800 solar panels located across Daylesford farm provide us with electricity to help power our Farm cottages electric AGAs and the low energy lighting fitted throughout. We have electric car charging points for customers and guests in the farm car park.


In our kitchens, nothing is wasted, and we have always been mindful of where we source our produce, using local organic ingredients where possible from growers, farmers and producers who share our sustainable values, as well as the Daylesford estate.


We are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in the country – we encourage our guests to explore the Daylesford estate and see first-hand the rich hedgerows, wetlands, beehives, river habitats, diverse wildlife and wild flower meadows that are the hallmarks of sustainable organic farming. Follow our walking maps and we have bikes for those looking to explore the local roads.

During the growing season, the flowers in our bar area and dining room are picked from the organic cutting garden at Daylesford farm. For the colder months, enjoy the warmth of our open fires, with logs brought from the farm where more trees are planted than harvested.